11 Places to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday


21st  is a special number in anyone’s life. It’s all about turning unto a fully grown adult from a teen. It is one of the greatest marks to be celebrated in an individual’s life. This Birthday celebration is all about strong booze and partying hard. In many countries, it is the legal age for drinking, so it’s officially the time to get high. You cannot afford a normal place to celebrate this precious day, and so pack your bags and be ready to visit one of these places that are the perfect locations for celebrating your 21st. So don’t get late on planning your Birthday and book the tickets as soon as possible.

New york city

The most amazing place to be in America is New York. On a count, New York has more than 2600 pubs, and so you cannot imagine how high the city likes to be. In the busy lifestyle of New York, it also finds the correct time to party out hard. There are different types of clubs and bars over the place, and if you have turned 21, then something badass is all you want. It completely turns itself on during the nightlife, and people are seen having fun throughout the night. New York is not just a simple place to be as it has got all the modern facilities and arrangements. You really can celebrate Birthdays in style. The Big Apple is actually all about youngsters and what can be a better time than to be 21.

Washington DC

America’s capital can’t be a bad place to be at your 21st. The place is all about big opportunities. Washington attracts all the youngsters to start a mature and big life with a fantastic career ahead. Tough the place is a little more into professionalism, but still, it has some part life. There are many wonders and beauties one can visit in Washington, and hence you can’t miss the place out of this list. There are Happy Hours all in the place; hence it’s kind of a good place to be on your 21st Birthday. You can have an experience of how a busy life looks at and, at the same time, explore the different possibilities t get crazy and high in the capital of America.

Las Vegas

The name says it all, and it really doesn’t need a special mention as to why one should never miss this place out of the list for their 21st Birthday. The gambling capital of the world is all about crazy people partying and dancing hard. It is a great possibility in Las Vegas that you consume more alcohol than water at the place. There are hundreds of Casinos giving you chances to be rich by trying your luck. Moreover, the city is on and working on the basis of the young blood. You can get booze at cheap rates and can dance all night with thousands of amazing people. Daytime can be a recovery period, but still, you can’t keep yourself away from the excitement, so it’s one of the perfect places to be at 21.

San Diego

San Diego is always a welcoming place, especially for enthusiastic studs. This place has been the industry for the biggest craft beer in America. Youngsters always do welcome things like this, and this place gives them the best opportunity. The home-based beer industry with the great taste is now famous throughout the world. It’s amazing to witness how the beer industry can influence the world. There are many green forests and natural beauties to be seen in San Diego. Overall it’s a chilling location, and you don’t have a lot of hurry and busy schedule. If you want to enjoy your 21st Birthday with a calm and composed environment, then this is the place.

San Francisco

This one is located at a few hours’ drive from San Diego. But don’t go the similarity of the names as they both are completely different locations. San Francisco gives a completely different experience and way to explore than San Diego. Especially with the drinking experience, it’s a different version. At every other corner, you will get a club or bar that can provide excellent brewages. It is a place completely packed up with bars and clubs ad this is what a person is looking for on his 21st Birthday.  It’s a city for a complete walkthrough, and you can have a wonderful evening with your loved ones. An evening full of excellent drinks and a romantic environment is all San Francisco can provide.


Have you ever seen something more sparking than Chicago. I guess it’s a complete package to enjoy. On your 21st Birthday, you need to have a cool and cozy evening with some good drinks and excellent food. You can even go for some excellent outings and city exploration to try out new things out of that young warmblood.  Chicago will give all of this. It’s a wonder to the new people who are in drinking for the first time. It’s the best place to have a sip of that elegant wine, and that sweet taste of alcohol can make any newbie a fan of drinks.


This place is kind of an emerging capital of the local Brewing industry. There are more than 70 brews in Portland, providing exciting combinations of beers. Not just beer, but many other drinks are manufactured in Portland, which attracts many young types of blood to the town for trying the craziest alcohol stuff at very cheap rates. Even the environment is mild, and it’s not that much busy, nor it’s very quiet. It’s a perfect party place if you want the things to be smooth rather than hard partying. The place has so much overabundance of beers that it is now a part of lives for the people living in Portland.

New Orleans

Welcome to the birthplace of cocktails, New Orleans. This location is the place where cocktails like a grasshopper and brandy milk punch came into existence. The brilliants cocktails and the talented hands can make your birthday special. Just roaming in the city will give you another level of thrill, and this can be felt at every counter serving some of the brilliant local drinks. It could be a great idea to be in New Orleans during your 21st Birthday, so hurry up and pack your bags to taste the craziest mixes. 


Do you need a special description of this location? I guess no because Miami holds a special place for the party-loving people. Those beaches and the warm weather are very brilliant to witness.  You just cannot ignore the party vibe in Miami. The people are crazy, and everything these people do is something related to the party. Nothing ever beats these people in parties, so 21st at Miami is not a bad idea. Even for the drinks you can enjoy a lot. The celebrity-owned clubs can give the perfect boost to your nights.


This location is the perfect one with respect to a cool birthday celebration. It is a perfect location for a trip and a short vacation. It has some benefits that no other city has, and this makes the location a proper fun one. The blue sky and the completely different world out there give a perfect spot for your 21st. Visit the place, have some drinks, blow the birthday candles, and have a long walk with a beer in your hand on the subway, seeing the blue lights of the city.


As you know that Philadelphia is a place where one can never get calmed down. The heat never gets down, and so it’s mostly the best place to be on your 21st Birthday. Americans always have found the place to be amazing for drinking hard. They always have wondered how a place can be so beautiful for drinking. For a jazzy and stylish birthday, it’s a very amazing place.

There are many different places you can visit for your 21st Birthday, but these places would always stand a good position on any of your lists. They are very attractive, especially with drinks. A person who just has stepped into the proper phase of adulthood can have an amazing experience in these places. If anyhow you are confused with where to celebrate this important day in your life, you can close your eyes and go with any of these listed above.


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