12 Best Game Booster Apps For Android In 2020

12 Best Game Booster Apps For Android In 2020

Is the slow and steady performance of your mobile phone making you irritated? Do you love to play games on your mobile but are tired and irritated with the hang issues? Does it feel like throwing away your phone in the bin when it shows a lot of tantrums? Gamers love to enjoy playing games on their smartphones without the slow-motion effect that mobile phones might sometimes offer.

If you are a gaming lover, this might be the case you wish to throw away the phone in the bin as it just does not let you play your game smoothly. Either it heats up, hangs or the worst is that sometimes it might restart.

Sounds crazy?? But yes, it is accurate and happens with me daily. Whenever I am going to win the game, my phone realizes that I am enjoying it and starts throwing tantrums.

Take a deep breath and calm down!! These are many game booster apps that are available online, which you can use and enjoy playing games without any hassles.

Give a good fight to your so-called smartphone’s tantrums and enjoy playing your favorite games with these boosters.

Excited? Let us know a bit more about these game boosters before you start searching for them in the Play Store.

Why Do You Need Game Boosters?

Game boosters are the applications designed to work with the RAM of your smartphone and help it in performing in the best manner. The game boosters act as an adrenaline rush for your phone. They clear the junk files and also notify you with the unused ones lying there that can be uninstalled.

The Best Game Booster Apps For The Crazy Gamers Out There

Here is a quick rundown of the best 12 game booster apps you can work on and enjoy a completely new gaming experience:

Advanced Junk Cache Cleaner

This is one of the best apps that is going to be your savior. It cleans all the unnecessary trash kept in your phone and keeps the memory free. It helps you eliminate the cache and any unwanted files that you have never used and helps you enjoy your games to the core.

It keeps a good check on all the nooks and corners of the phone performance and quickly gives you the best solutions. Your phone will not hang once you have uploaded the app.

Game Booster

The application is designed to give you excellent performance and keeps your phone away from getting hung up. It cleans the phone from deep inside and deletes all the cache memory for a smoother performance. It also removes all the unwanted applications from your phone. It gives you a better performing phone to help you enjoy your games.

Dr. Booster

The names say it all as it works as a doctor of the smartphone. This application works with your phone’s memory and helps get all the clutter cleared that was lying there from ages. It removes the cache and also enables you to uninstall the unwanted apps that you have never used and are just there taking up space. It gets connected with the file manager and boosts the speed and performance for better user experience.

Game Booster From Ultra App

It improves your phone’s working power efficiently, cools down the CPU, and prevents problems with memory lag. The game booster has an excellent user-friendly interface, making it one of Android’s best free Game Optimizer apps.

This app reduces the overall load on the CPU to speed up gaming and increase graphical performance. It is one of the Android phone’s best game accelerators and works just as well on tablets.

Gaming Mode

The game booster attacks the areas that are giving you a tough time in enjoying a smooth experience. It makes your smartphone smarter by getting rid of the unwanted files and cache memory.

The app helps you boost the overall performance that made your phone slow down and gives you a lot of free space for the updates to be handled better.

One Tap Game Booster

Revive the real gaming capabilities of your phone with this widely appreciated program. It is one of Android’s best game booster software and does excellent in streamlining your gadget so that you can use a fantastic piece of RAM for gaming.

Game Booster from Performax

The next game booster application is from performax. Though there are many apps out there with the same name still, this one has managed to make a space in the heart of people with the best possible outcomes.

It attacks the malware and gives your smartphone the free space to breathe in. It also keeps a check on the battery performance and provides a good fight to the hang issues with cleaning up the junk and cache.

Speed Up Phone

This easy-to-use app allows you to clean your phone, boost performance, cool down the CPU, and increase gaming speed in one touch. It also shuts down all unused applications and background applications to speed your phone up.

The app has several gameplay modes to offer, including Power Play for the optimal experience, Long Play mode for battery saving, and Offline Play for offline games.

Lag Fix And Bug Fix Game Booster

Another great app on our list is the bug fix game booster that fixes all the bugs in your phone. It acts like antivirus and helps you understand why your phone is making you go nuts. The app helps clean up the RAM to the core so that your phone works in the best manner.

Game Booster 4X Faster Free

This is another excellent Android game optimizer to improve the gaming efficiency of your tablet. This software comes with a wide range of game boosting and GFX tools to help you optimize your Android gaming system and improve FPS while playing high-end mobile games such as PUBG, Call of Duty, etc.

Game Booster And Launcher

A much easier and more efficient program to optimize games. Game Booster and Launcher provides you with a fun, intuitive way to experience a lag-free play. Downloading, starting, and using this app is simple; selecting the game you want to play, hitting the “Play” button. That’s how your game starts in high-speed booster mode.

Speed Up Game Booster

Last but not least, this one can prove to be your best companion. Just install it in your phone and get to enjoy uninterrupted usage. Your chicken dinner from PubG will not be snatched from you if you have this booster installed on your phone. It works by cleaning up the junk files and gives you the peace of mind with which you can play with your mates and win your sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which The Best Game Booster For The Smartphones In Android?

This depends on your usability. There are many game boosters out there, and each of them offers excellent features and great user experience. However, it is also recommended that you look at the feedback and reviews of the previous users. These reviews can give you a clear picture of what using the particular mobile app will be like.

Do The Android Game Booster Application Help In Improving The Performance?

Yes!! The game booster apps indeed work and give you better performance with eradicating the malware and junk from your phone. They help you clear the clutter and give you the space your smartphone requires for an excellent performance.

How Can One Optimise The Phone With These Game Booster Applications?

This can be done only if you install an application that serves the particular feature. Suppose the application that you have downloaded is not offering the optimization feature. In that case, it is not going to be of any use for you.


Gamers are the ones who are never satisfied, and they need a smartphone that acts in the blink of an eye. Though it is tough to keep up to their expectations, the companies still try their best to offer them optimum satisfaction. These were the top 12 game booster applications readily available on the Play Store and can be downloaded and installed in seconds. All you need to do is give them a quick run on your device and experience the difference next time you enter your game to conquer your competitors. Specially hand-selected to improve your mobile performance and increase game speed in a single touch are the top Android game booster applications.


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