Best Romantic Lyrics

Best Romantic Lyrics

All the homo sapiens [modern man] have feelings gifted by the god. The contemporary man is granted the feelings for humans or animals from the time of their origin in this world. Even the plants and trees have feelings in them. In short, every living creature has surfaces paved in them by the god before their birth. A person may feel sad, happy etc. depending upon the mood of one particular. Among all the feelings one have, the most beautiful feeling in this world is to love. Love might be with anyone depending upon the relationship. We all have love with our parents, friends and the one special in life most loved.

Top 10 romantic songs with their stories

1. Nayan


Nayan is the song by the Dhvani Bhanushali. This Mayan song is a remark of the older version of the song. People always need something new. This a particularly an album song. It is about the college life of the person. When someone is the fresher in the college, he/she might always face the ragging of them by the seniors in the college. This song also shows something similar to that. Dhvani playing the central role of it is also placed in the same situation because of her seniors. She sings the song for her senior, who is her crush. Once in the fresher party her senior she sings this song. It delivers a beautiful message that when a person imagines someone by closing the eyes, in reality, he/she is better than the imagined one. People who understand it mostly love this song. This song was a super hit in the past and future as well.



Samjhawan is the song of the film Badrinath ki dulhaniya. The leading role is by the Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. Both the actors are very good at expressing their emotions on the screen. They are also real-life best friends. The first picture if both of them was also together, which makes their on-screen chemistry much better. This movie is based on the intercaste relationship. Hero and the heroine are of different caste, but their families do not accept their relationship because of society. The heroine’s father hits the hero very ill and sings the song when she is travelling to the hospital to see him off. It is a Punjabi language song. It tells about the problem of every second couple. Once you’re facing the same situation in your life, you would have tears in your eyes after listening to it.

3. Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum


This song is of the movie Kabir Singh. Shahid Kapoor and the Kiara Advani played the leading role for this film. It is a story of the Punjabi families. An MBBS student most loves it as the entire movie has the story in a student’s MBBS life. They meet each other and are attracted to each other. But as always, the father of the heroine comes into the scene, and they both are separated from each other. Also, the girl marries another boy due to the pressure of the family. The most learnable part of this film is to avoid the addiction of any kind of drugs in any horrible situation. This song is most rated in the market. Play this music one you will understand true love.

4. Kon tuzhe yu pyaar karega


This musical song is from the movie MS Dhoni-the untold story. Sushant Singh, Disha Patani and Kiara Advani play he leading role. This movie is based on the life of the famous cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has struggled a lot to become the captain of the Indian cricket team from a normal boy. Sushant Singh Rajput has played this role very well. The heroine Disha Patani meets the hero in the flight. This song is about the emotions of a girl for the boy. The film is sung on Valentine’s day, but unfortunately, the heroine meets with so accident and their love remains incomplete.

5. Tarro ke shehar me


This is an album song. It is composed by the famous composer Jaani. The renowned singer Neha Kakkar and Jubin Nautiyal have made this song to another great level. It talks about the world full of stars. As due to the narrow mind of society, many love stories remain incomplete. It is difficult to find true love, and even if you find it 99% cases, it remains unfinished. So this song tells that this earth is so rude, so they are deciding to die together and go to heaven in the world of the stars. It seems much impractical for many, but many of us like it.

6. Pardes jaake pardesiya


This song is from movie Arpan. Jitendra and the Rina Roy both played the leading roles. Let have also talk on some old romantic hits. They both love each other. The film’s situation is that the hero goes to the foreign countries for the income purpose, and the heroine sings this song telling him. The song notifies that one going out should not forget the one eagerly waiting for them. The distance may be of millions, but the true loves connect both the people with each other.

7. Hum bane tum bane


This song is from the movie Ek Duje ke liye. Kamal Hasan and Rati Yagnotri are the acters. They both are from different castes. It is shown that they both even don’t understand their languages but still have deep love with each other. They are also separated for an extended period, but then too their life never decreased. This film was in the theatres for more than one months.

8. Chookar mere mann ko


Movie Yaarana released this song. Amitabh Bachan and Nitu Singh were the actors of this film. Amitabh Bachan is also called as the Big B of the film industry. The hero is illiterate, and his best friend supports him. He sings the song in the film. The heroine in the movie motivates him to sing a particular theme and make a successful carrier. Often, the people come in one’s life as angels and make their life full of joy.

9. Annkhiyon ke Jharokhon se


This is from the movie Ankhiyon ke Jharokhon se. Sachin and the Rajeeta Kaur were the actors. In this movie, the girl has cancer, but still, the boy loves her. They both are college mates. The boy loves her very much without any expectation from the girl. He helps her in every problem coming in life.But at last, the girl marries to another person. The boy loving her never marries any other person. In her memories, the boy sings this song.

10. Har kisi ko nahi milta


Movie Jaanbazz ha launched it. Firoz Khan and Shreedevi were the actors. As the song itself suggest that everyone is not that lucky to have true love in their life. The hero is the police inspector, and the heroine is the singer in the film. They both love each other very much. The drug smugglers kill the girl to take revenge from the police officer. The boy lost the girl and mentioned his feelings in this particular song that everyone is not lucky o have their loved ones always with them. Recently the remake of this song is also made. Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha made this song one of the most preferred remakes of the people.


Love is all about making life beautiful. If it is successful, then the energy is always good, but if not, it can also lead to the stage of suicide, so if you are in love, never break the trust. Everyone doesn’t get this golden chance in their life. Suppose you have a person in your life who loves you truly then never let them go and always take care of them. Play this type of romantic songs and keep loving.


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