Does cranberry juice help you pass a drug test

Does cranberry juice help you pass a drug test

There are many ways of conducting drug screenings, the most popular ones being oral, urine and blood drug tests. If you are afraid of getting the presence of drugs like alcohol, marijuana or others detected in your blood or urine, you must be willing to take precautionary measures so as to reduce or even eliminate the chances of getting tested positive. To explain it in simple words, the basic fact is that urinating a lot removes the presence of drug components from your body. This can be done by drinking a lot of water and peeing frequently. However, a more effective way to remove the toxins includes start consuming cranberry juice at least 24 hours before the test. Cranberry juice includes antioxidant components which help in purifying your body system. This article will tell you in detail all about cranberry juice.

How does Cranberry Juice help you pass a drug test?

In today’s world, drug testing has become the norm in almost every industry. This becomes a cause of concern for those employees who are in a habit of consuming drugs in their daily lives. Before the drug test, Cranberry juice is something preferred by most of the people due to its easy availability as well as health perks. The natural properties of cranberry juice can help in purifying your body. Here is the correct way to consume cranberry juice if you want to reap all its benefits and save yourself from being tested positive in the drug screening:
• First of all, try to avoid the consumption of any sorts of drugs when you know that there is a drug test coming soon.
• Get ready to savour some cranberry juice. Buy around 2 litres of fresh, unadulterated cranberry juice from the market. Make sure you buy a good-quality cranberry juice which is rich in cranberries. Consuming too much of poor-quality cranberry juice can impact your health adversely. Go for high-quality cranberry juice only.
• Before using cranberry juice as a detoxifying agent, try to know how your body would react to it. Use this option only after making sure that you have no allergies to cranberries. Also, cranberry mock tail has a lot of sugar and fructose content which might have an adverse impact on your body, especially when you have other conditions like diabetes. Therefore, you should strictly avoid cranberry mock tails as an alternative.
• Once you know you don’t have any such allergies or conditions, you are all set to have a glass! Remember that you don’t have to take in all of it in one go. It’s obviously not possible to consume 2 litres of cranberry juice altogether. So, try to consume it in parts by dividing it into sessions.
• 2 glasses together followed by a break. This break will be intervened by an urge to pee. You’ll pee and one session will be over. Take a break of an hour or more. This should be followed by the beginning of the second session. Drink another 2 glasses and wait till the time you feel like urinating. Continue this process throughout the day till the time you finish off with those 2 litres of cranberry juice you bought.
• Avoid rushing into the process unnecessarily if you do not feel comfortable. Whenever your body feels uneasy or you feel an urge to vomit, reduce the amount taken in one go and increase the time gap between two sessions.
• Once you are done with your 2-litre detoxifying therapy, there is no need to worry or panic or feel paranoid about the tests. You can totally relax!
• This natural diuretic combined with its vitamin-rich composition not only acts as a natural cleansing agent but also brings so many other health benefits alongside.

Benefits of Cranberry Juice

1. Anti-Oxidant Properties

All fruits have anti-oxidant properties and so does cranberries. It is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Anti-oxidants play a very important role in keeping your skin healthy which makes you look younger. It rejuvenates dead cells in the body and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases including cancer and diabetes. Doctors recommend intake of oxidants as it not only prevents aging but also cleanses the body. So, why wait? Add cranberries and cranberry juice to your diet without a second thought.

2. Improves Blood Flow

Cranberries are rich in phytonutrients which prevents inflammation. These anti-inflammatory properties of cranberry juice help in thickening the blood and protects the blood vessels from getting damaged as the body ages. Cranberry juice improves cardiac muscles and facilitates more effective functioning of the heart. It improves the pumping of blood by the heart which facilitates blood flow in the body. Cranberry juice is also proven to curtail the chances of having heart diseases and heart attack. In short, looking at its importance, you can’t make any excuses to deprive your body of its benefits.

3. Reduces Chances of Infections

As stated earlier, cranberry juice has anti-inflammatory properties which lessen the chances of getting infected by germs. Cranberry juice has a special power of preventing E. Coli cells to replicate which reduces the chances of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It is also very beneficial in removing other toxic bacteria as well as viruses from multiplying in the body. Hence, a lot of infections and acute diseases are prevented, too. It can be said that cranberry juice acts as a natural antibiotic. So, when you have a naturally existing antibiotic, what is the need for relying on other medicines!

4. Beneficial for Women

The benefits of cranberry juice not only restricted to anti-ageing properties but also prove to be very significant for women’s health in other ways. It is very beneficial for pregnant women due to its nutrient-rich composition. It prevents the risk of catching bladder related infections. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are very useful in the proper development of the foetus in the mother’s womb. Also, cranberry juice helps in protecting women from various heart diseases once they have attained the age of menopause. A study has shown that there are increased chances of catching heart diseases in women once they have crossed the menopause stage. Thus, cranberry juice is especially recommended by doctors to women post menopause.


It is not that you should have cranberry juice just before you have a drug test. No wonder, it can be of great help in that case, too! However, after looking at its benefits, it can be concluded that cranberry juice should be incorporated by everyone in their regular diet. The amazing taste and benefits it carries totally make it worth consuming. Try it and you’ll surely love it!


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