Best Edgy Owl Tattoo Designs

Best Edgy Owl Tattoo Designs

Before getting a tattoo inked on one’s body, he/she should be aware that tattoos are forever. These are permanent inscriptions on your body; hence, it is very important to make a wise decision. Edgy Owl tattoo designs are very much in trend nowadays. Owl is one of the most beautiful birds and definitely the wisest bird. Like all other animals, owls too have a symbolic value. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and transition. In many cultures, the owl is also thought as the protector and guardian of the dead. It is so believed to be related to spiritual awakening and a carrier to afterlife. Like most winged animals, owls also reflect freedom and at the same time a long vision. Owl tattoos come in a great variety. It can be in vibrant colours, or simply black; huge in size or very tiny; with open wings, or wings hugged tight. The tattoos are also portrayed with other symbols like a key or a flower or a clock. The list of variations is endless. Since, the tattoo gets permanently inked on one’s body, it is very important to take a look at some of the best ideas before making mind. This article brings with it 40 best Edgy Owl tattoo designs, for you to choose from.

40 Best Edgy Owl Tattoo Designs

1. Owl on a Branch

This tattoo portrays a beautiful owl in vibrant colours of green, blue, pink etc. adorably sitting on the branch of a tree. The size is neither too big nor too small which is perfect for the wrist.

2. Owl with Magnificent Eyes

Nothing can be more mesmerizing than captivating, big blue eyes. It perfectly goes with the perfect vision an owl has. It can be a brilliant choice for a forearm tattoo.

3. Owl with Flowers

An owl surrounded by flowers gives a beautiful sight. This tattoo for the forearm is perfect for those looking for a vibrant, colourful piece of art.

4. Owl with Wings

Wings symbolize freedom. This side view of an owl with big wings is more on the artistic side. This is a tattoo big enough to cover most part of the leg.

5. Creepy Black Owl

Creepy owls have their own popularity. Creepy is a vibe in trend nowadays. This abstract piece of tattoo on the forearm has the same vibe.

6. Cute Black and Blue Owl

This is one of the most adorable owls with blue eyes and a blue heart on display. Innocence is flashing from the eyes of this owl.

7. Small Black Owl for Finger

For those looking for a small tattoo, finger tattoos can be the best. In fact, nothing can be better than this simple black tattoo on the finger.

8. Dreamcatcher Owl

This colourful owl portrayed with a net represents achieving a goal or dream. It is beautiful and carries a deep meaning as well.

9. Furious Little Owl

An ankle Owl tattoo with angry eyes is perfect for those looking for ferocity as a symbol in their tattoos. The small size is perfect for the ankle.

10. Owl with a Dangling Feather

A stunning tattoo for the arm with a fantastic combination of red black. It comes with a feather hanging down its claws, along with a few small arrows.

11. Colourful Owl with Pattern Design

If you’re looking for a colourful tattoo with vivid design, this could be the perfect choice. It follows a striking pattern making it impossible to not notice.

12. Girlish Owl with a bow

Girlish tattoos are a preference of many. This embellished tattoo with a pink bow on its head indeed gives the same vibe.

13. Lovely Heart Owl

This is a cute little owl sitting on a branch showing its heart in red. It looks alluring on the forearm with its sparkling blue eyes.

14. Matching Sitting Owl for Couple

This eye-catching owl in black and gold is a perfect option for a couple, looking for the same tattoo.

15. Realistic Owl

This realistic owl gives a vibe of masculinity and virility. Its eyes also seem lifelike with true captivating powers.

16. Scary Skull Owl

An owl with a skull hanging can be perfect to get the Halloween vibe throughout the year. It also is symbolism to spirituality.

17. Sugar Skull Owl Design

Sugar skulls with an owl represent a departed soul. As an owl is the carrier of a soul to its afterlife, it makes the perfect combination.

18. Watercolour Owl

Watercolour owl tattoo for shoulder is an aesthetic masterpiece for those who are fond of art and expression of art.

19. Owl with Heart Lock and Key

This tattoo portrays and owl carrying a key to its heart which is locked. It is both a lovable and meaningful tattoo.

20. Baby Owl with a Necklace

This is a colourful representation of a cute baby owl carrying a necklace in its claws. It has its feathers hugged in and looks adorable with shiny eyes.

21. Owl with Heart and Letters

This is a charming Owl tattoo with customized letters. These letters can be the initials of your full name or whatever you would like.

22. Barn Owl with Heart Lock and Key

This is a gorgeous tattoo displaying two Owl faces decorated with colourful flowers, embellished chain and a heart lock with a key.

23. Simple Owl with Red Outline

It is the simplest tattoo, yet the trendiest. Simple red border gives it a fine look, making it desirable as it is.

24. Big Eyes Owl with Dark Black Colour

This medium- sized, dark tattoo with big eyes is an attention seeker, too. Its abstract design is indeed very fascinating.

25. Blue Eyes Owl with Dark Ink

It is simple and gorgeous at the same time. Blue eyes of this baby Owl project innocence and naivety.

26. Sparkling tattoo for finger

Yet another tattoo for those who wish to have a tiny tattoo on the finger. This Owl tattoo with sparkling golden eyes is very appealing and magnificent.

27. Scary Dark Owl with Clock

This terrifying Dark Owl is also a vibe in its own. It carries a clock with chains around symbolising its connection with afterlife.

28. Dreamcatcher Owl for Leg

Here is yet another dreamcatcher Owl. It is of the perfect size so as to fit a leg. It represents wisdom and prophecy.

29. Owl with Dreamy Purple Eyes

Owls are known for their vision. Purple, dreamy eyes here symbolize your inner intuition or wisdom, and your awareness.

30. Geometric Owl design

Geometric designs are very much in trend as they represent the ability of a person to join dots and make sense out of things. It is also concerned with spirituality.

31. Family Owl Tattoo

Family Owl tattoos represent the strong bond a family share. This is a perfect display of family love and bond.

32. Colourful Ink Owl

This is a beautifully designed tattoo for the forearm filled with all vibrant colours like yellow, orange, blue, red and so on.

33. Geometric Art of Barn Owl

A geometric barn Owl tattoo represents that the man wearing the tattoo is acutely aware of the subtitles of life.

34. Girly Owl Holding Heart of Twigs

This is an Owl tattoo with beautiful eyes trying to hold a heart made up of twigs. This symbolizes that your heart is open for one and all.

35. Owl in a Mirror

This is yet another meaningful tattoo reflecting that even the Owl faces delusions and temptations, even though temptations of knowledge and wisdom.

36. Mini Owl with Adorable Heart

This is a cute baby Owl, designed in black ink with gorgeous, inquisitive eyes.
It is sitting on a branch looking at something far ahead.

37. Owl and Leaves

What’s more naturally magnificent, than an Owl covered in leaves? This is a beautiful piece of art, especially for those who are in love with nature.

38. Colourful Owl Thigh Tattoo

If you’re looking for a huge Owl tattoo filled with bright colours, this could be the perfect choice for you. These colours make the Owl look even more graceful and alluring.

39. Traditional Owl Design

This is another most popular Owl design. Its spectacularly big eyes and ears reflect its alertness.

40. Colourful Owl with Wings Spread

This big owl painted with all vibrant colours. Its ready to fly wings accurately symbolize yearn for freedom. It is a very attractive tattoo with best possible combination of colours.


We tried to cover the best and the trendiest Edgy Owl Tattoo designs, as much as possible. It is very important to make an informed decision while selecting a tattoo to be permanently inked on your body. We hope this article was of help to you, in choosing out from the various alternatives available.


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