The Good And The Bad Sides Of Living In Bali

The Good And The Bad Sides Of Living In Bali

There are different places to visit throughout the world, and Bali is one of the favorites in the list of travel freaks. It’s a very strange life out there in Bali, and one has adjusted accordingly. It is a hot tropical island with lots of modern facilities. It is a complete party place with sexy beaches and with limited people. The Indonesian island is an amazing place to chill and have a fun time but is it a place to live in? Can you live a complete well-settled life in Bali, along with good aspects? What exactly are the pros and cons of living out there?

We in this article would be discussing on the topic of how good life can you expect in Bali, and what are the plus points and the minus one?

The Good Things of Living in Bali


Warm, humid, and tropical beaches are the main attraction for thousands of people in Bali. All they see are warm beaches, with sand all over the place. There are a number of palm trees covering the beach, and the sun can be seen shining high. It is a complete wonder and a perfect spot for a holiday. In winter, the beaches are very humid, and the place receives lots of shower during this season. Overall the beaches are very hot, and often people come back with a smooth tan. All the beaches are very vast and clear, and hence this gives a big positive side to life in Bali.

Surf – Surfing is one of the best sports when it comes to the sea. Bali has the tidal force on its beaches that creates very high and strong waves. Surfing in Bali is absolutely a delight. The sun shining high in the sky is a great addition to the surfers. It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at surfing or a professional one Bali welcomes everyone. Even beginners, during the start of their surfing, don’t require special swimsuits. You won’t require such thoughts as to when to surf during the day in Bali.

A completely different and friendly environment – People in Bali are really very amazing with how they interact. They are some of the most helpful people in the world. Everything is very easy in Bali, and when you visit the place, the people will help you with many different things. Renting is very easy, and you will get flats in minutes; the best thing about this is the fact that you can rent different types of houses as couple-friendly and bachelor houses very easily. People are always ready to help others, and they never treat you as strangers.

It is damn easy to live in Bali – you can have very cheap rates in Bali for living. All you need is $500 for renting a house in Bali. The living cost is very low, and you can manage things very swiftly in Bali. One course of the meal costs just $ 10 in Bali; hence to make things clear, it is a very cost efficient place. You can enjoy living a lavish life with minimum expense. Bali is one of the cheapest in its region, and it is the most cost-effective among the Asian countries.

You can get everything in food – 

Mie Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Bakso Soup and many other such foods are available exclusive to Bali. It is a great spot to try some of the most exotic dishes in the world. There are many different restaurants serving Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and many more of such dishes. When you get sick of the typical rice and boiled food of Indonesia, you still get hundreds of options to change your mood. And at last, how can you forget that everything you get in Bali is absolutely cost efficient.

Bali gives a chance to explore new cultures – it is very exciting that Bali gives an experience of a completely strange culture. The people are very welcoming, and they are very close to their traditions and belief. You might be in any part of the world, but you just cannot compare it with Bali. All you get in these busy cities are smoke and traffic, but in Bali, things turn out to be very different. If you are an admirer of nature and beautiful life with natural beauties all over, then please do visit Bali as this is the place you are looking for.

It’s a place where you can find lots of positive attitudes – Bali is a very unique place, and it is bestowed with wonderful gifts from nature. People living in Bali are very great, and work hard to get things going on with a positive attitude. They have the habit of kicking out the negative vibes and work out with a great smile. Even if you don’t know the person, these Indonesian s love to welcome; they have shown the world what hospitality actually means, and hence it’s great to be at Bali. Everywhere you see is a glowing sun, warm weather, a healthy environment, and a party everywhere you see.  Even if you want to start a new creative business but minimal investment and want to gain a profit rush and visit Bali.

A place to have fun – this is the most exciting attraction for people who want to live in Bali. Bali is a complete tourist spot, and people love to visit Bali for a fun-loving vacation. This location is very great with different natural places and even with many historical places. Imagine living in such a place. It would be absolutely great to be in such a place.

The Negative Things of Living in Bali

There are many and probably more points in the pros section, but every coin has two sides, and so has this one. There are many different reasons why people find it difficult to get settled in Bali. Here are some of the points which you might consider having a look at-

The raw food is not that cheap – you can get easy and cheap foods in Bali, but all they are cocked. If you go to the supermarket to buy a product there, then you are going to pay some good amount. Even cereals and vegetables are very costly. Even in the cocking technique, you will find most of them have a gas station, and minimal houses have Owen. Everything spends on cooking at home can actually be the costliest thing you will be doing in the month.

Transport is a big issue – there is absolutely no availability of public transport in Bali. If you are having private transport like a bike or car, then it’s easy for you to travel, but still, it will cost you thousands even to ensure it. The fuel prices are high, and maintenance also takes a lot in the count. In any part of the world, you can get taxis and public transports easily, but here in Bali, things become very hard. So if you are going to spend your life in Bali, be ready to spend a lot on transportation.

Beach, though, is one of the best places to have fun, but – yes, this point can sound very strange and different, but it is a point to keep in mind. If you are on vacation, it is absolutely a delight to spend time at the beach, but if you are going to settle in Bali, a distraction by the beach can be very easy. So be prepared to see those sexy beaches and people enjoying the breeze over the sand in the sunny days and turn your face back to the road to visit your office.

Sometimes all you want is traffic

If you are used to living in the cities with full of busy lives and traffic on the busy roads, then it is going to be a hard time to start.  Even there are days when you will actually miss the vibe of the city. The facilities which one could get in the city are some of the modern ones, and Bali partially misses this modernity. If you want to have a life where things really get out of the busy life of the cities, then choose Bali as a place to live in.

Healthcare does lack – sometimes, when you need good medical support, Bali lacks it. The main problem with such a deficiency is a lack of awareness. Bali has been a more of fun and party place, so more focus is on clean beaches, clubs, and pubs than brilliant hospitals.


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