How to Unblock Blocked Airtel SIM

How To Unblock Blocked Airtel Sim

Many on their Android and PC use free internet. Several networks are standard in TCP and UDP ports. One of the most robust systems is Airtel for wireless Internet, and several open ports are leaked for free internet access. So many applications and software for open ports are available online. Some people are working hard to discover open ports to access free Internet. They were primarily able to locate and secretly use open TCP ports. They sometimes share these ports with family and friends, so soon these ports were blocked.

There is very little hope of having any UDP ports, but if we get UDP from anywhere by hope, you can enjoy the free of charge on the open Internet. However, there is a limit to TCP ports. It blocks your Sim card several days if you can surpass this restriction. Therefore you can not use the free Internet. So today we’ll share a fantastic trick to unlock airtel sim. There are so many methods for airtel sim unlocking available on google, but only a couple of them work, so we’ll share better practices for airtel sim card unlocking here. We define five working methods to release airtel sim, then attempt the second one if one process can not operate.

Unblock Airtel Sim with Operating Process :

These are the top five approaches for Airtel sim unblocking. These methods make it easy to unblock Airtel Sim. Test a different way if any technique can’t work for you. You must follow the entire system step by step so that you can do with these procedures on your Sim card and use Free internet again on your Airtel plan.

Latest job method To Unblock Airtel Sim :

Step: 1: In your Android, open the post.

Step: 2: Form and give “STOP” in 1925.

Step : 3 : Now dial “* 567 * 10 #” for a 3 G data loan of 60 MB.

Step: 4: Your Sim will be activated within 48 hours automatically.

For this form, you must retain minimum Rs.2 balance in your Sim card :

Step: 1 Go to the default browser

Step: 2 Turn on the Youtube 100 MB video trial kit.

Step 3: Tap on “Free copy” and go to Wynk music.

Step 4: If your update hits between 50 and 60%, cancel it.

Step 5: This time you go to Wynk films and repeat over the same process and cancel the file at 50-60%.

Message USSD code to collect Rs.10 loan “* 567 * 10 # :

Step 1 : Go now to “* 121 #-> Airtel Zone-> Video Pack. Now you go to the data facilities.

Step 2: You receive a video link message.

Step 3:Open the link again and again at least five times.

Step 4: Check out the free websites of Airtel until your balance is zero.

Step 5: Transfer your Sim for 24 hours off the mobile.

Step 6: After 24 hours, reinsert your Airtel sim into your device.

First, dial USSD code “* 141 * 10 #” and allow the loan to 50 MB:

Step 1: Now use any data but don’t use 50 MB in full.

Step 2: Select from mobile for 24 hours the Airtel sim.

Step 3: After 24 hours, insert your Sim again.

Step 4:Send “MO” message to 54321 then.

For this trick, you must have minimum Rs.10 in your Sim:

Step 1: Go to In first.

Step 2: Click the ‘Unlimited Fun & Video Shop’ tab.

Step 3: Pick navigation side sets. Pick boxes.

Step 4: Enable 2 G Rs.5 bundle.

Step 5: Continue to search until the balance is empty.

Step 6:Now that your balance is over open a free tab for Airtel.

With PUK code :

PUK is a ‘Personal Unblocking Code’ which is exclusive to all SIM numbers. There are two ways to unblock this PUK for Airtel customers. If the user would like to test this PUK code more erroneously, it must always block the SIM card up to ten times. There is no way to store the data/contacts so be careful when the PUK is locked in your SIM. This should contain 4-8 digits of this PUK number.

You have to record the SIM card holder’s 15-digit number, i.e. name and address of the holder, which is to be paired with the facts provided at the moment of purchase of the SIM. Before going through the process, you need to record the SIM card holder’s details.

It would be best if you then obeyed any of the following procedures:

Step 1: Open the message to Airtel PUK

Step 1: Unlock Airtel PUK code via a call to Customer service


You should take a few steps here to unlock your Airtel SIM –

Step 1: Please note the above requirements.

Step 2: Take another Airtel service provider mobile number.

Step 3: Send the mobile number to 785 now (locked one).

Step 4: SIM number (printed from the back of the SIM) and 121 SMS following Type PUK >< 15 digits.

Step 5: you will get an 8-digit unlock code answering message in here and place it in the locked cell phone.

Step 6: you have the Airtel PUK code unlocked here.

Note that from another Airtel mobile number, you must follow this procedure rather than from the locked one.


This procedure allows you to release the Airtel PUK lock quickly. The easiest thing to do is to follow the above steps to unlock the Airtel SIM.

Step 1: Take another number in the normal state of the mobile airtel.

Step 2: call Customer Service No. 121.

Step 3: Listen closely to the PUK alternative and pick the IVRS method.

Step 4: Ask for your SIM number / mobile number to receive the PUK code.

Step 5: have answers on questions related to customer service such as cardholder identities, emails, a 15-digit SIM number written on the back of the SIM.

Step 6: Please remember the PUK code issued by your locked mobile phone and enter the code to open it.

The network of Airtel offers this function to get the PUK code online. Just visit my Airtel account page and enter your mobile number to register an account or sign in to your account if you have an account. You will also access the website home page by tapping on the Management Support tab and having various options. You can see your cell number as the PUK number. There. Before the phone gets locked with PUK, remember this is the protocol to follow.

Conclusion :

Do all the measures carefully, and you will be successfully unblocked. You can also enjoy unrestricted internet access with free airtel internet tricks.

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I know that a lot of users are being blocked from airtel by using free network tricks. And several users asked me to post methods for unblocking airtel sim. Yes, friends got a new trick/method to liberate the airtel sim fully. So airtel Sim disabled users only follow easy steps below and unblock the Sim easily. Just do it quick. It’s always running 100 per cent effectively.


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