Onion Skin Uses and Benefits

Onion Skin uses and benefits

Onions are a part of our daily lives. It is kind of a main and the basic ingredient we use in cooking. When used in food, it enhances the taste and provides the consumer with its rich nutritional values. Onions are not just a taste enhancer but also can bring miraculous health benefits to an individual. This scaly looking vegetable with a crispy cover is one of the best picks for salads. 

We all know how much frequently onions are used in our daily lives but what we miss out is its other benefits. Especially if you talk of skin, onions can help you out with its rich antioxidant content and numerous vitamins. In the recent days when people are worried about boosting their immunity, Onion can be one of the best natural ways to do so. Not just the onion skin is good for the human body, but it also is great with other usages such as acting as natural dyes.

If you are surprised by knowing these facts, then you better be prepared to get blown away as next in the article we will be discussing different skin uses and benefits you can gain from “ONION.”

Here are some onion skin uses and benefits;


Well, if you are thinking what the hell this is, let me make it clear for you. Quercetin is a compound you can find in the upper flakes or so-called the covering of Onion. This compound according to recent studies is claimed to have many interesting health benefits. It reduces LDL cholesterol which when exceeds its border limit can cause hazardous problems such as heart diseases. The compound also helps in muscle growth and body enhancement. Not only this much, but it reduces the chances of your getting many types of cancers.

A rich source of antioxidant- 

Antioxidants are very important for skin treatments. The onion peel-offs have these chemicals. There are many negative ions and radicals in the human body, and these can cause many problems and diseases on human skin. Antioxidants can help you neutralize all these radicals.

Skin nourishment and hair growth- 

Yup, it’s hard to believe, but onions can help with hair maintenance. All you need is to peel off the onion leaflets and add it to warm water and apply it on your skin. It nourishes up all the cells by providing some valuable nutrients. It gives your hair follicles proper growth factors required and on an addition it also helps in generation of new hair follicles.

Proper treatment for your Skin Infections- 

It can be a huge risk if you take skin infections for granted. Treating skin with harsh chemicals can be very dangerous, and natural ways are the best to get your skin healed up. The skin needs proper healing and Onion can give you the proper heal. And an addition which Onion can give is instant relief. All you need is to apply it on the infected skin and see nature working at its best.

The peel tea can be amazing- 

The onion peel has a wide range of functions, and yes it can be used to make a special tea. The tea can make your body lose extra fat and hence is great for people fighting with diseases such as obesity. So for that you can also try Java Burn that may helps in removing belly fat. This tea can also help in dealing with high blood pressure, and overall can reduce the chances of many fatal conditions. Also, it is so natural, and a quality drinks that it can help you cope with many allergies.

Anti-inflammatory properties- 

The skin of Onion have excellent anti-inflammatory powers. It can help you with getting solutions for inflammations caused in your body due hormonal dis-balance or infections which mostly are associated with diseases. There are many types of antihistamine in the market, but most of them are so dangerous that regular use of such medications can cause organ failures. The skin of Onion is very beneficial with such a thing, and you can use it to get natural anti-inflammation.

An aid for cramps

Onions are excellent ant-inflammatory veggies. For this cause, they can help you with getting rid of leg cramps. But somehow this is not clinically proven still it can be tried as you always know it’s completely natural that means no side effects.

The natural dye- 

Onion peel off, and skin can be used as natural dyes. You can use it to dye treads and clothing with special techniques. These techniques can help you to produce some of the best and resistant dyes. Especially when you talk of threads onion skin is amazing. The main attractive feature one can see in these is the purity of dye as it is completely natural. The dye won’t harm your skin and body, and hence you can trust using these dyes.

natural dyes forhairs

Garden helper and compost- 

You don’t need to invest thousands on buying fertilizers for your plants. Onion skins are one of the best organic matters to produce compost. The compost contains nutrient which can help your plant to grow and produce the best possible. Now, here you might have a problem of the foul odour. The compost that one can develop using onion skin can cause bad smell and to avoid you simply have to use a simple technique. To get the proper solution dig deep and try to keep the onion skin pile deep into the compost pile-up. Also if you are going for worm compost pit, things can get bad so better to avoid it.

Styling is possible – 

The onion skins can also be used as a natural hair dye. Yup, it is correct, and you can have a shiny golden brown hair using these. People often spend thousands on getting such a hair colour and here you get an option to have such a colour just by using those onion skins which you threw into your water pile. The rich dye is very much natural, and it doesn’t harm your follicles. The skin is very rich in sulfur hence are great for hair follicles and hence can even promote hair growth.

Gardening is also a positive aspect- 

This manure or compost can be used to get a proper garden you want. The onion skin also helps in reabsorption of substances in soil and water retention can increase. It can be a rich source for potassium and other ions such as calcium.

It can be a way you look at things- 

Yes, this one might look strange, but you can use onion skin for decorations and artworks. As said earlier, it is just a way you look; one can use these onion skin as a decorative to show creativity while others see a pile of waste. There are many ways you can use your creativity with Onion.

Soup is always a great option- 

There are many soups and gravies which look very faded up. Even many stocks get darken, and onion skin can help you get perfect gravies. The skin can help you in achieving the best possible appearance you can get. Even the onion skin is very good with antioxidants and other nutrients, and hence you can get a lot of benefits using these onion skins.

Easter eggs are very important

Easter is a very amazing festival, and people celebrate it by decoration Easter eggs. Easter eggs are among essentials for this festival. But what if you are out of dyes to get your Easter eggs ready for the celebration. The dye gives you purple and golden brown colours for your eggs.

onion skin can be used as dye for Easter eggs

Good news for bread lovers- 

Bread often is one of the favourites for all of us. Nevertheless, bread lacks lots of important nutrients and antioxidants, and hence the wheat flour needs many important additions to make it rich. The onion skin can help you with providing some of the best additions.

Onions and cancer- 

Just wonder how big things can go just with a small thing as onion skin that people consider worthless and of no use. In recent studies, it is seen hat some of the chemicals, and other nutrients can help you reduce the chances of cancers. Onions are very useful with fighting breast cancer.


It is worth saying that the smallest looking worthless thing can do miracles, and onion skins are among the best example you get as a proof of this statement. These skins can help you with hundreds of things and can help you with your health. All you have do is to use it in the best possible way.


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