This page isn’t available to have a username on Facebook

This page isn’t available to have a username on Facebook

Many people see this kind of error while they open their Facebook page and they are unable to avail username on their Facebook page. This kind of problem is surely annoying and very much confusing while using a business account. Also, it leads to misconception and misleading for many business Facebook account who are trying to expand their business through digital media. It is very hard for them to coordinate through such a situation because it is the most important and necessary parameter which needs to be taken into action for rapid expansion and rapid growth.

Error in the availing username

Facebook allows all the business accounts to create a custom URL by which people can find them easily. It is very helpful to expand the business and promotion because it is very necessary for any kind of Facebook page to create their URL just to ensure that they are having a proper and valid account. If you are struggling from the same kind of issue then you must go through this article to know more about solving this issue. This kind of business account do not process by themselves and it needs to be managed by some sort of coordination so that it will deliver correct information to the clients or customers who are connected with it.

If you are continuously facing such kind of problems And you have tried several methods to resolve this issue and still you are not getting the correct information end solution, Then you need to know the proper Facebook solutions for this issue. Whenever there is a message showing that this page is not eligible for a username it means that it is not allowing the page to have a separate URL for it. At the primary stage, Facebook has issued guidelines that your page should have a minimum of 25 likes So that it can be included in a category to have a separate URL. If your page is having this much of likes, but still you are not getting a proper URL or you are not able to add a username to your Facebook page, then it is an error. Here are some simple methods by which you can resolve this issue and you will not face such kind of situation again in future.

Here’s How to change the username

You can either go for an alternative Facebook account or you can just log into someone else’s account who is not using the Facebook page. If you are struggling hard to make a different user account with the help of different phone number and Gmail account, then you will have to find another way to log in into the other Facebook account. But as for now, you need to be the admin of any of the page apart from that page who is facing the issue, because then only you will be able to make it URL for your Facebook page. You can create This URL in a customised away if you want to do so.

You just need to go on the editor option of your Facebook pageWhich will find in the settings of the page. In the settings, you will find an option of Page role, where you can edit are username for your account. What is the simple solution by which you can create a new username on your new account and then it will be shown to every people who are following and watching your Facebook page content? This method can be done easily by you and you don’t need anyone else to do it. Once you change the authority to the admin option, then you will be able to change the URL Without entering into it. It can be done by just login into your Facebook page and then you can change it username directly from there.

Yes, you will also find the options to manage the pages where you can ideally take the authority of your Facebook page and then you will be able to change the certain settings which were earlier not possible in the main Facebook page. In this way, you will be able to change the username of the Facebook page without entering into it and in this way it will be helpful for you as well and you can share this method with your friends and family so that they can also get through such situations. It is very hard to organise such kind of situations when you need it very badly. It happened sometime, that people want to share their Facebook content with the public but Facebook starts showing some kind of errors and issues. In such a situation, many people don’t know how to react with the situation and in this case, people start doing something wrong. If the Facebook page is not managed correctly, then it will show other errors and issues.

Facebook have so many guidelines and priorities for their Facebook pages. Facebook believes that the pages should not be miss-used for any personal purpose. To satisfy these guidelines, Facebook has issued a notice that the page should contain a minimum of 25 likes It shows that the page has a little bit following and it is a genuine Facebook page which can be used for the help of the minimum group. Apart from this, Facebook is also because the owner of the page should have a proper valid account which is containing proper information about his buyer data and much more. In this way, Facebook is coordinating with the information of admin so that the Facebook page cannot be miss-used for public agendas and private purposes.

The information on Facebook can also be miss-used and share with the other Facebook pages which will suggest you much more contents which you like and show interest in them. In this way, the whole traffic or Facebook is working in a single line which means that you will be getting notification from relative suggestions and it will fill Your homepage with the relevant content. This was the exact reasons which were known to common people hence it is resolved in this situation. If your Facebook page is still not eligible for excepting a URL then you can try it again so that it would take into action again. You can also try to logout your account and then try to login again so that it will get a refresh and then you will be able to correct the details.


In this way, if you follow the proper steps of the method mentioned above, you can easily change the username of your Facebook page without logging into it.


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