A Guide to Know Whether Your Partner is a Narcissist or Not

A Guide to Know Whether Your Partner is a Narcissist or Not

Your life partner is an individual who will be there with you through thick and thin. While choosing your partner you cannot be e ignorant of having important points in your mind. The most disgusting situation is when your partner is a narcissist. A narcissist is someone who has an excessive admiration for your physical look and also lacks empathy. If you are doubting whether your partner is an asset or not then you have stopped at the right place. In this article, we will help you with few tips that can help you know whether your partner is a narcissist or not. But before heading on to that but you must also know that narcissistic personality is one of the disorders and it is a mental health abnormality. So do not miss out on any of the following pointers-

1. A charming personality


Verything cannot be correct at a time in your life. And if you trust that everything is going well in your life then you should also smell that there is something wrong with the situation. This is synonymous with having a boyfriend who has got a charming personality. It will all up to you as a fairy tale. You will be constantly drooling over the irresistible charm that your man would be having. They can express your love and many ways and can let you know that you are smart and you are compatible with them right at the beginning of the relationship. This is real crap. Because it takes time for someone to understand the other person. And if in no time you find your man is attached to you, then you must confirm that he is a narcissist. So, the first hint would be if someone has a charming personality and comes to you with a strong feeling right at the beginning, then he might be a narcissist.

2. Self-praise


This is the second major trade that can help you sense whether your partner is a narcissist or not. A narcissistic person would constantly talk about his achievements and accomplishments. He would sound flattery at times and he will let you know how smart he is. There is a lot of self-praise that you can come across if you are dealing with a narcissistic person. Narcissist people of fun exaggerate their achievements and their talents. The even sick praises from people. They are talkative and they will stop you from talking about yourself. All they want is their presence on every topic. If you see all of these traits in a person then you can be very sure that the person is a narcissistic individual. He will never let a conversation flourish around something else. He can never have a peaceful talk about any topic. He is a desperate self- praising individual. He will always talk about himself and will never let you have a healthy conversation. Above all, he is a talkative person and you will have to be the listener.

3. They live on people’s compliment


As stated above nurses people will always have a charming personality. But that is all bluff. They are quite under confident. But then never let it flow through the skin. They are good actors in general who act to be super confident. But they are the utmost validation seekers of the world. They will require a lot of phrases to feel good about the day. Or in other words, we can also say that they live on the compliments of others. Not only would this but they compel others to complement their achievements. And this is why they keep singing rants of their accomplishments in life. The company of a narcissistic partner is the most boring thing in the world where you cannot discuss anything else because that will not make your partner comfortable. It is a mental state where a person seeks constant compliments like music food for survival. The people who are highly empathetic add power to the people by praising them and providing them enough of self-worth and validation. But they are the leeches who are living of a body. They become under confident and depressed once they lack people in their life.

4. They are not empathetic


There is a serious lack of empathy in narcissist people. The do not think about how the other person is feeling about the day. This is the basic hallmark treat of a narcissist. They can never let anyone enjoy the attention because they always want to be the center of attraction. They can never let you feel seen, felt, heard, and understood. We can also say that they do not have the basic emotion that every other person looks for in a partner. Deccan even screws your emotional status if you are going through a rough day. The inability to be empathetic towards the partner is one of the reasons why most narcissistic people do not have partners or do not have a romantic life to experience. They do not get acceptance in the world because of their rude nature. You can barely dealer a day with your narcissistic partner if you had a bad day at work or if you are having a fight with your best friend or even an argument with your parents. They suck as a support system. This is one of the identifiable treats of narcissist partners.

5. They will have a small friend circle


As we have discussed before nurses people cannot be registered by normal people and this is the reason why they fall short of real friends. They will never have a permanent friend circle to reach out to rather they will have short-term friends who are good for casual acquaintances. Because of the self-praising trash talks that the nurses people often end up doing, they become antisocial elements. This is why they keep on complaining that their friends do not spend much time with them. But the irritating approach and toxic self-obsession can get into the nerves of people. This is why most people keep a healthy distance from narcissist individuals.

Final words:

These are the five handpicked traits that are majorly seen in a narcissist partner. Narcissism is an abnormal medical condition and if you a doubting that your partner is on narcissist one then you can also recommend him to go for a mental check-up.


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