12 Best wi-fi Hacking Applications For Android 2020

WiFi Hacking Apps For Android 2020

So are you planning a career as a hacker? Then you must also be interested in hacking mobile devices all around you, right? The hackers have this thing in their minds that they can hack everything, but today’s technology is giving them a hard time.

If you are also looking for an option with the help you can easily hack the mobile wi-fi around you, you are in the right place. We will be discussing the different wi-fi hacking application s that are available in the market.

With technology developing at a fast pace, there are evolutions in every nooks and corner. There are endless wi-fi hacking application s that can help you out with hacking the mobile network for your neighbors without any hassles.

Let us get on to start our journey with the best wi-fi hacking application s that one can look for in 2020.

The best wi-fi hacking application s without root to look for

Let us have a quick look at the best wi-fi hacking application s without root

Andro Dumper

If your neighboring areas have the WPS security feature, then this application is going to prove to be the best alternative. The application s offers additional support if you are using wi-fi routers from companies like Asus, Vodafone, etc.

  • All you need to do is download the application from the Play Store and get the same.
  • The moment you have downloaded the application, it will show you the number of available networks for you to hack and use.
  • You will need to wait for the password as the application will run some quick algorithms and then offer you the same.
  • If you have an android version, which is more than 5.0, this application can work the best for you without root.
  • According to the users, this is one of the best application s to help you crack the wi-fi passwords and enjoy browsing.

Wi-fi Master Key APK

An application that is safe to use and can be used in 19 languages is famous across the globe for the services, and the easy user interface it offers. You need to do is to download it from the play store and let it perform the different tests. Once you have successfully installed this one, it will offer you all the passwords. It will help you enjoy using the wi-fi networks without any hassles.

The application offers the users to look for the different wi-fi available with the help of a single click and understand the best one for you to choose and use.

Wi-fi WPS WPA Tester

With the support of multiple algorithms (like Dlink, Arris, Zhao, etc.), this software will help you hack a wi-fi lock.

  • This software is available free of charge and is incredibly easy to use.
  • If your computer runs an Android version 5.0 or higher than that, then your system does not need to use root software.
  • The wi-fi password breaks easily. You can get to enjoy hacking and use the wi-fi connection without the person getting to have an idea what drained is data pack.

WPS Connect

For all system routers that use the WPS pin feature, this software will work again. Not only does it help to break other networks’ open wi-fi codes, but it also helps to protect your wi-fi network by tracking and detecting any hacking attempts.

  • This wi-fi hacking software isn’t compatible with all kinds of Android devices. Still, it has been tested across Android devices most widely used.
  • Download the Play Store application now.
  • It can use different pins and use several common passwords cracking algorithms such as Zhao or easy PIN box.
  • When you know the wi-fi network you want to access, you can then use it to detect the password.

Wi-fi pass key

This hacking application is compatible with all the android devices. It offers you a cakewalk experience when you want to download and hack the nearby devices’ wi-fi connection.

All you need to do is to download the same and get going. Once all the tests are done, and your application is all set to run, you can hack the connections and enjoy surfing.

The Best wi-fi Hacking Application s In 2020 That Need Rooting The Device

Now that you are well aware of the different application s that do not need you to root the device. Let us have a look at the application that requires the rooting of your device.

Free wi-fi Password Router Key

If you have forgotten your WI-FI password, you do not need to worry at all, as this application l will help you get the passwords for different routers. It is a fast and easy to use application that offers users several features to enjoy.


The application I also called RFA and gives the users the best interface to enjoy. It is easy to download and can be used within seconds. The best part of the application is that it does not need a lot of space in your smartphone and runs quickly.


Suppose you are looking for an application that can help you hack the routers without any lag and delays. In that case, this one is going to be your best companion. It offers several additional features and also keeps the bugs away from attacking your device. This software requires a wi-fi chipset to support the monitor mode that runs on your Android device. The users who want to use this application will also have to shop for a USB adaptor.

Shark the root

As the name suggests, this one is like a shark that is going to eat away all the wi-fi near you and give you the best experience in surfing without any hassles. It is also known for the services it offers as a network analyzer. The only thing about this application that you need to keep in mind is that it will only work if you have rooted your device else. This one will not work on your smartphone, no matter how much you try your hands on the same.


One of the best known and the most used hacking wi-fi application is the NMAP. This application is easily available on the Play store, and you can use it on different versions without any issues. All you need to take care of is that you have a properly rooted device. It is very easy to use and is lightweight. It does not cause any harm to your smartphone and works like a cakewalk.

Wi-fi kill

If you want to enjoy ethical hacking, this one will be the best option for you. The application has a very easy to use interface and offers the users a great experience. It has been there in the industry for a long time and is the favorite of professional hackers. It is very easy to use and needs a second to get all set on your device. Wi-fi Kill is an application that is open source. This ethical hacking application is very similar to an application in Windows OS called net cut. This application is capable of cutting off any wi-fi over your network. The user-friendly and simple interface makes this application very popular in this area. This application is extremely useful when you do not have a strong password protected by an open wi-fi or WPA-based wi-fi network! You can trim the intruder’s wi-fi with just a few clicks on your device.

Penetrate Pro

Last but not least, on our list, we have the penetrate pro. This s one of the best wi-fi hacking applications that require you to root your device before you get the same. This software will search the available wi-fi networks around and then crack the security key. It can work with various types of wi-fi routers and can also measure the WEP / WPA keys.


This list of the best wi-fi hacking applications you can use by rooting or without rooting your device. We all love to enjoy a good speed of the Wi-Fi and what to do when the data pack expires. The best thing is to hack and use your nearby networks by downloading these applications on your device. if you are not in a mood to root your device then you can very well use the applications that can be run without rooting and get to enjoy a great experience on the same. We hope you liked our article and will stay connected with us for more articles like these.


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