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Whenever you are writing an article on any kind of information on the Blog of someone else account then it will be considered as guest posting. It is generally a kind of content writing which you do for another company or another website if you are not having a proper platform which is having a good number of audience. To search and look for the platform where the traffic is better than your platform, you do guest posting where are you post a similar article to those who are already having a blog. In this way, it will be beneficial for both of you to create more traffic and engage more audience with your content.

7 Benefits of guest post guidelines

Instant exposure to the targeted audience

If you are writing a top-quality post, then there are chances that you will get audience traffic too on your website. Just contributing to another person’s blog, You can be benefited with so many things And this will help me in wishing you online business.

Expand your network

Interacting with more audience online will help you to interact with more influencer who will help you to grow eventually in your means. A guest blog is not just a task but an opportunity which you can grab for a great result if you have the capabilities.

Stimulate social media shares

Guest blog writing will help you to reach More audience of Your interest because the online business can extend your thoughts and give it a new exposure which you can never imagine. The more you are sharing a branded content, there will be more share between the people.

Grow your social media following

This will not only help you in reaching tomorrow audience, but it will also help you to increase your following on your platform. Because Guest blog writing authors help you to include one link of your website on their platform so that you can also get a good reach of the audience.

Improve your online authority

Writing content on the well-known brand website will help you to reach loyal subscribers who will trust you in paying some amount of their pocket. A trust level is very necessary between the loyal customers and authority writers Who can provide a piece of information as per his credibility.

Fortify your backlink profile

It is seen that many well-known websites were offering the guest blog writing also offers them To include one weblink of their platform too. This is in the scene of not paying you any compensation in return of writing content but providing you with another best thing.

Sharpen your content marketing skills

If you want your content to be successful, then you have to learn it day by day with great reach and fulfilling the feedback of your readers. The more you interact with the audience, the more you will get an idea of what exactly the readers want to read.

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Life news









Business news


Social media

8 Rules for Guest post guidelines

1. Authors must have a track record of writing great content.

There should be a good track record of your writing so that you can deliver better content then the other people who are applying. It would help you in contributing more worthy content for the readers. The experience brings Great content with a great depth we’ll be there appreciated by the readers.

2. Watch outgoing links

You just have to keep in mind that you need to keep the links till the time it is beneficial to your readers. Otherwise, you can remove them out once it is not useful for you. There should be only one or two links in the bio and not more than four links in the main blog.

3. The content must be detailed and unique.

Your content must be in detail which means it should be around 1000 words Which will be what reading with many details. Also, it would be considered as a good skill if the author has the calibre To spin the content so that he can write it on several blogs with the same topic.

4. Pick the right content

Choose the guest post which is trending in times. It is the business of online reading and hence you need to understand that even if the content is very unique in detail, people want to read it until and unless they have an interest in it.

5. Does do not give out author accounts

To save your time, you should be handover your account details to the one who is in your team. You do not give the account details to the blogger because it Might be possible that he will misuse your account. Just allow him to save the blog in the draft and the later part should be done by you.       

6. You need to fully own the content.

It is okay to give credit for the guest post writers but you have to make sure that the rights of the content should be your own. It happens many times that a publisher or a journalist uses this post on their platform to get profits.

7. Author need to help, build and support your community.

Convince your bloggers to reply on the comments done by the community of readers because it will help to bring more audience back with a hope of trust and in this way your interaction will get better and better.

8. Provide valuable readings to the community.

Whenever you pick up a worthy content, It will eventually benefit the readers who are reading it. In many ways, it will create good traffic and great audience by providing valuable ratings to the community. This is a game of online competition where your content is the key to growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.How we can reach you?

-You can either submit the post on serptrustmarketing@gmail.com

2. What kind of guest post is selected first?

-those which are on trending and hot topic are on the priority list.

3. Does this blogs monitored manually?

-Yes, To check its authenticity and genuine source blogs are screened manually.

4. How much time it takes to publish a guest post?

-Once it is ensured that the post is from a genuine source, then it gets published within the deadline time to complete the project.

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